Maxbot is open source library and framework for creating conversational apps.

- Unified and extendable messaging over any platform.

- Integration with external libraries and NLU services. Support for active learning.

- DSL for declarative dialog description based on ready-made models of conversational logic.

- An engine for creating your own dialog models.

- NLG command language and templates.

- Implementing business logic in a general-purpose programming language.

- Tracking dialog. Sessions. Dialog state. Error handling and recovery.

- Complex bots with multiple skills. Interaction of skills.

- Developing, debugging, testing and logging tools.

- Deployment in any environment: stand-alone, cloud-enabled, hosted. Scaling.

- Integration with external data sources, services, information systems and support services.

- Business analytics. Insights.

Development Principles

- The right balance of simplicity and flexibility.

- Based on time-tested solutions.

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